Pregnancy Loss or Termination Support

Alli Cuentos is a full-spectrum doula, currently available for phone support for those experiencing a pregnancy loss or termination. If you are looking for in-person support, Alli can make a referral.

Alli can be reached by phone at (415) 217-9885 or by email at 

Pregnancy Loss Support

Sometimes desired pregnancies do not progress and families are faced with loss and confusion. No individual should be alone during moments like these and the support of a doula can be very helpful for the pregnant parent as well as for other family members. This support can include being present and welcoming of the grieving process, comfort measures during and after the miscarriage, food preparation, and helping to carry out ceremonies or rituals in accordance with the family’s traditions and values. This support can last as long as you and your doula agree is appropriate and referrals can be made for additional support if necessary. Alli Cuentos is currently providing phone support for pregnancy loss and can provide referrals if you are looking for in-person doula support. 


Termination Support

Individuals may also choose to terminate a pregnancy and be seeking someone outside of their family to support them through that passage. I become an ally, someone to talk with, to help research options and to provide non-judgemental emotional support during and after an abortion. I am available by phone, before during and after your abortion.