Birthing From Within Childbirth Classes

Birthing From Within® is holistic, flexible, and in-depth preparation for birth and parenthood. Whether you are planning a home or hospital birth, having your first or subsequent child, hoping for a natural labor, or still exploring your options, you will learn how to remain present, mindful and connected no matter how labor unfolds.

Through insightful lessons, a hands-on approach to coping practices, and creative exercises intended to strengthen the bond between you and your support team, you will gain the skills, wisdom, and confidence needed to surrender in birth and parenting.

Discover what you need to know to be resourceful giving birth and becoming a parent!


Classes are co-taught by Shannon Padlog and Alli Cuentos, seasoned birth doulas and educators. 


All classes held at Community Well

78 Ocean Ave

One/Two Day Intensive

September 2 Day Virtual Class
Saturday 9/19 & Saturday 9/26 - 9 am to 1 pm

(Taught by Alli Cuentos Via Zoom)
Great for mamas due mid October through December


Five Week Series

July/August 5 week Virtual Class

Tuesdays 7/14 - 8/11, 6 pm to 9 pm
(Taught by Alli Cuentos Via Zoom)

**Just In Case Class: Tuesday 8/18, 6 pm to 9 pm
Great for mamas due late August through October

November/December 5 week Virtual Class

Tuesdays 11/3 - 12/1, 6 pm to 9 pm
(Taught by Shannon and Alli, most likely Via Zoom)
Great for mamas due late December through February

** Since your instructors are on call as birth doulas, the "just in case" classes are alternate dates, reserved in advance, in the RARE event that both of us get called to a birth and need to reschedule a class session.  


Ideally, your class will start between 20 and 32 weeks and end before 38 weeks. Many parents prefer to finish their class around 32-34 weeks to allow time to incorporate what you gain into your birth and postpartum preparations, reduce anxiety, and positively influence your hormones and birthing mindset at the end of pregnancy. 


Register below via Shannon's website. She will follow up with a confirmation email and instructions for payment. 

One Day Intensive 
$250 - $350 sliding scale per couple*


  • Class held on one day, 8 hours total

  • Perfect for those with less time to dedicate to a class

  • Great as a refresher course for second-time parents


*We offer a sliding scale to allow families some flexibility based on their income. After we have confirmed your slot, you will be asked to submit the amount on the scale that you can pay.


Core Curriculum


  • creating a supportive birth space and team

  • building a positive, confident and open mindset

  • birth partner support skills

  • effective pain coping practices & comfort measures

  • positions and massage for labor

  • labor physiology and stage

  • modern learning about current birth practices

  • how to ask questions and make decisions in labor

  • wise and compassionate use of interventions

  • greeting unwished for surprises

  • "home study" resources and support


Five Week Series
$450 per couple


  • 1 evening per week, 15 hours total

  • Allows participants to absorb a little at a time, with a week between classes to read, process, and practice coping techniques

  • Time to make lasting connections with other couples having a baby around the same time as you

  • In-depth coverage of all topics and ample time for questions

Five Week Series Only


  • learning and practicing several mindfulness-based coping techniques to fill your "tool box

  • optimal fetal positioning

  • preparing for a supported and healthy postpartum

  • recovering from birth

  • cesarean birth in awareness

  • mama pampering ritual set up by partners



What Parents Have Said


"This series far exceeded any expectations we had going into it. Alli and Shannon are amazing guides and the Community Well is a secret haven for families. Each class left us discussing and engaging with our process for days afterwards. The community we built with the rest of the participants has been so rich and has continued through all of our births. HIGHLY recommend this course!" 


"We left class feeling more connected as a couple, more prepared for whatever happens during labor, and more confident about how we will together cope with the experience of giving birth." 


"I loved how incredibly interactive the class was, especially the demonstrations of what labor might look and sound like. I also really enjoyed the variety of teaching methods: ice practice, demonstrations, storytelling, posters, photos, and the pelvis/baby demo."


"Overall this class was a beautiful experience for my husband and I. It made our relationship stronger by getting us to talk and experience things that we normally wouldn't have the chance to."


“These classes are so much more than learning about labor and the birth process - they were healing! It was also about learning more about myself and my husband. I know it sounds cheesy, but it truly was life-changing. Shannon has an amazing gift to help people process birth and to hold a safe space to grow. She is extremely dynamic and has a gift of being able to shift the energy to help people move forward in a positive way.”  


"The information presented helped me truly understand the birth process and how to work with the hospital to ensure my needs are being met. It also helped bring my partner and I closer and gave us tools to support each other through birth and parenting."