Postpartum Support

Once your precious babe arrives, the big job of caring for your child, while also caring for yourself as a new parent, begins. Postpartum support is all about helping the new family get the rest, nourishment  information, and household help they need to transition into this sacred time feeling held and deeply cared for. 

Postpartum Doula Support is provided by 
Azraa Muhammad
To inquire about postpartum care, please reach out to Azraa directly via email or phone:  -  (415) 470-7343
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$30 - $45 per hour depending on services asked for as well as extended travel costs

 I believe that everyone deserves to have support on this journey. If a family really wants support, I am always willing to work something out through sliding scales or payment plans. In the tradition of the granny midwives, I’m also not opposed to bartering for services.

​Description of Services

  • Provide general information prenatally, around what to expect during the postpartum period.

  • Help with emotional and physical recovery after birth

  • Help families reflect on their birth experience and adjust to their new lives as parents

  • Newborn care while parent(s) sleeps/ takes time for themselves: diapering, feeding, bathing, swaddling

  • Breastfeeding Support

  • Help with creating a support schedule from extended family/friends so they can pitch in when visiting

  • Meal prep

  • Light housekeeping (dishes, laundry, tidying, etc)

  • Bottle sterilization

  • Bengkung belly binding

  • Hip Closing

  • Vaginal Healing support: preparing sitz bath, padsicles

  • Provide information around c-section recovery and incision care

  • Sibling care

  • Referring for additional support services needed


  • Day support: Typically I provide 4-6 hours during the day at a pre-arranged time of parents choice

  • I also provide sunrise support (6am-11am) and Sunset support (6pm-11pm) so parents can catch up on much needed rest. 

  • I am very flexible on the hours clients would like for me to work, but I do ask that they be flexible with me as well as I am always on call for births. If I need to miss a scheduled visit due to a birth, I will always make sure to make it up on another day

Service Area

I am willing to travel within 30 miles of San Francisco. Additional fees apply if required to travel outside 15 miles.