Collective Hearts Doula Care
Partnership Perks

We are part of this collective because we know the strength of working together and believe in the power of community. We serve families best when we are supported by one another. This special team dynamic means you benefit from the skills, wisdom and support of multiple birth workers. 

What does care look like with a collective?

Shannon and Jen will serve as your 2 primary doulas. They will each meet with you for a personal prenatal visit. These visits are a chance to form a personal connection with your doulas, review your hopes, intentions, worries and wants for birth. We will listen deeply and without judgment, share knowledge, guidance, and evidence-based information to help you greet labor feeling confident, connected and prepared for the unknown journey through birth. 

Your doula duo is on call and whichever doula is the most rested will show up for you in labor. 


You will get to spend time with both of us (births allowing) at our monthly Mama Circles and also meet our awesome back-up doula, Peta Barrett. These monthly gatherings are a place to connect with us as your doulas, form community, meet other mamas and explore ways to prepare for birth and parenthood. Each circle has a new topic or planned activity.

Our Philosophy

When invited to journey with someone through their pregnancy and birth, we become an ally, a buddy, someone to walk beside them and to lean on when needed.  Our only investment is in the individual’s sense of safety and that they have access to the information, resources, and tools they need to promote their own well being. While we believe that, most of the time, birth is a natural and safe passage for parent and baby without interruption or intervention, we fully support every person’s choice to use whatever tools they choose and to make consensual decisions regarding their own bodies and babies. The families and individuals we work with come from very diverse racial, economic and gender make-ups and we invite all clients to share any information or wishes that might help us provide respectful care.

Service Area and Fee


We serve families living and birthing

within San Francisco. 





  • A free consultation so we can get to know one another, discuss how we can best support you, answer any questions you have and see if working together feels like a good fit

  • Resource binder full of helpful info and articles on preparing for birth, newborn care and breastfeeding

  • 2 prenatal visits to discuss: your options, priorities and hopes for the birth process; pain-coping practices, massage techniques and positions; the normal physiology of labor; and preparing the mind and body for birth and postpartum


  • Attendance at our monthly Mama Circle throughout your pregnancy


  • 24-hour on-call labor support 


  • Phone and email contact throughout your pregnancy 


  • Labor support starting when you need us, either at home or at the hospital, until 1-2 hours after delivery


  • Photos/video of your birth and new family postpartum (if desired)


  • Postpartum home visit to see how your new family is doing, process the birth together, and answer questions/share tips about healing, newborn care, and breastfeeding


  • Community referrals for belly, birth and baby related needs

The following is a complete picture of what to expect in our care:

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